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My name is Ofra Ron Mazor. I am 47 years old, mother of 3,

entrepreneur,product designer and photographer. I live in

Israel in Kfar Hess.

After years of working in the commercial design industry, designing

for TV productions, and running my own successful business I felt a

change was coming my way. A few years ago I decided to switch to

the other side, behind the camera.

Today I'm a proud photographer. I take pictures of everyone and

everything around me and specialise in commercial photography,

With a personal and unique touch I capture and portray the essence

and the dynamics of the business or person on the other side of

the camera.

I love to take atmosphere pictures; which are characterised by the

feeling that I was "on the move" leaving lots of open space in the

image, and capturing genuine and one-time moments.




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